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Saturday, 11 August 2018

5 Most Searched Topic in the Internet

Most Searched Topic In The Internet:-
Most Searched Topics on the Internet
I have divided the data into several categories and with it's description, and all the data is based on the interest of internet users.

Movies and Music
It is amazing fact that a large part of internet users search for movies and music on the internet and they are 65% users who just use internet for searching for movies and music. We all are unaware of this fact and there is really a lot of scope in this particular field.

Programming is also a widely searched subject on the internet. It includes all kinds of programming like C, PHP, java and all others. If you just focus on this part you can get good result as 15% people are engaged in searching for programming.

Blogging is the fastest moving topic that is searched by 11% of internet users and this percentage is day by day increasing as on average basis daily 10,000 new people get engaged in blogging with motive of earning money from it. Thus if you publish about blogging it can be next great content for making good audience for your posts.

Next 8% people are the collage students or school students who searches related to their studies, subjects and the given projects. But, in this field the scope is day by day decreasing as some of best educational organisations have established them in this field and are running educational programs online.

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