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Friday, 10 August 2018

What is Deep web & Dark web | How Deep &Dark web access ?

Many people seem to have confused the Deep web with the Dark web, but fail to understand how different they are. I will try to explain them as best as I can.
Deep web:-
Technically and practically the Deep web is information* that can not be accessed from search engines. But let me explain with more detail. To understand what that means we first need to analyze what search engines are, how they work and why some data cannot be accessed by them. Search Engines are online services that allow you to search for websites, images and other files inside their database. Some great examples of search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo! or DuckDuckGo. Search engines use programs called web crawlers (mostly known as spiders or robots). A web crawler is a program that scans a page you give for links. Once it finds the links it opens them and scan the pages they lead to as well. During the whole process they store every page in their database, which you search through when you use a search engine.
*Information - meaning web pages, files, videos, pics and more
In case you have not realized there is a problem about this technique, and the problem is that there are some web pages that are not linked to others. Therefore they cannot be found from web crawlers. Which means they are inaccessible from search engines. These pages are the deep web.However, it is in no way that simple, since the deep web, unlike the surface web, does only consist of pages and files, but databases as well. These databases are virtual places, in a way, where every piece of information of the internet is stored in. That obviously includes, but is not limited to, passwords, access keys, secret information and more. Almost every dynamic (web 2.0 +) site has a database and that database is usually a lot larger than the pages of the website (that’s why the deep web is considered enormous). These databases cannot be accessed from the search engines either, so they are considered a part of the deep web. The deep web also includes private documents, pages and files and password protected pages. Which means that your Facebook profile, the way you see it while logged in your account, is a deep web page.

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